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HP Laptop Service Centre.

HP Laptop service centre in Kochi, Cochin, Ernakulum, Kerala Offers BGA chip level servicing for HP Laptops motherboard, HP Desktop Motherboards, HP Servers. When HP laptop authorised service centre insist you for a motherboard replacement we are confident in motherboard chip level servicing.

HP Laptop Series We Repair HP Laptop Replacement Parts Available
HP PAVILION series servicing
HP ENVY series servicing
HP ELITEBOOK series servicing
HP PROBOOK series servicing
HP SPECTRE series servicing
HP DV series servicing
HP laptop keyboards replacement
HP laptop batteries replacement
HP laptop motherboards replacement
HP laptop LED inverters replacement
HP laptop LED Repair and replacement
HP laptop hinges replacement
HP laptop body replacement

HP Laptop Models We Repair
Hp M6-1000 GM
Hp M6-1000 PM
Hp Mini 1000 Scale GM
Hp Mini 110-3000 (630966-001)
Hp Mini 2133 DDR2 (482276-001)
Hp Mini 210-3000 Blue (621302-001
Hp Pavilion Dm1-1000 Mini 311-1000
Hp 15D Touch Smart/Hp 250
Hp 15D Touch Smart/Hp 250 G2 GM Hm76
Hp 15D Touch Smart/Hp 250 G2 GM
Hp 15D Touch Smart/Hp 250 G2 Pm Hm76
Hp Pavilion 15E/17E Long Amd Socket
Hp Pavilion 15E Hm77 PM R62
Hp Pavilion 15F Onboard Amd Gm
Hp Pavilion 15E Onboard Amd Gm Long
Hp Pavilion 11 Touch Smart Onboard Amd Gm
Hp Pavilion 15N Onboard Amd Pm
Hp Pavilion 15E Onboard Amd Pm Long
Hp Pavilion 10 Touch smart Onboard Amd
Hp Pavilion 15N Onboard Amd Gm
Hp C115 Onboard Cpu Dual Core
Hp 15N I3 3rd Gm
Hp 15G 15H Onboard Amd
Hp Sleekbook 15T GM Dual Core
Hp Sleekbok/Chromebook 14C Celron/Dual core
Hp Envy 11G-X2
Hp Envy 4/6 GM I3 Gm (Sron9)
Hp Envy 4/6 I5 Gm
Hp Envy 13 PM (588572-001) Dual Core
Hp Envy 14-2000 PM Hm65 (654173-001)
Hp Envy 15j 4th Gm Hm87 (720565-501)
Hp Envy 15 GM 4th Hm87
Hp Envy 15j 4th Pm Hm87
Hp Envy 17T-3000 Hm 65 PM
Hp Envy 17 J/M7-J Intel GM87
Hp Probook 4410S GM DDR2
Hp Probook 4410 GM DDR3
Hp Probook 4420S I3 GM
Hp Probook 4430s Gm
Hp Probook 4430s Pm
Hp Probook 4440S I3 GM Hm76
Hp Probook 4520S I3 GM
Hp Probook 4530S I3 GM
Hp Probook 8440p Gm
Hp Probook 6550B I3 Gm HM55
Hp Probook 6560b Gm Hm65
Hp Elitebook 2560p Gm
Hp Elitebook 8460p GM Hm65
Hp TM2 Hm55 I5 Pm611488-001
Hp Tx2500 Amd Gm
Hp DV2000 945 GM
Hp DV2000 965 GM
Hp DV4 I3 HM55
Hp DV5 Intel Pm
Hp DV6 AMD 2007
Hp DV6 GM45 (518433-001)
Hp DV6000 965 GM
Hp DV6-3000 HM 55 GM i3
Hp DV6-3000 Hm65 GM
Hp DV6-6000 AMD GM
Hp DV6-6000 I7 GM HM65
Hp DV6-6000 I7 PM HM 65
Hp DV6-6000 I7/I5/I3 PM
Hp DV6-6000 I3 GM
Hp DV7-1000 C2D PM
Hp Folio 13-1000T I5 Gm
Hp G6 Gola Hm 55 GM
Hp G6-1000 Onboard Cpu I3 GM Hm55
Hp G6-1000 Onboard Cpu I3 Pm Hm55
Hp G4-1000 PM HM 65
Hp G4-1000 GM HM55
Hp G6-1000 GM HM 65
Hp G6-1000 Amd GM Green Govt
Hp G6-1000 Gola Hm55 GM Blue Onboard i3
Hp G6-2000 I3 PM
Hp G6-2000 AMD GM
Hp G6-2000 Onboard Amd GM
Hp 1000 Blue GM/ Hp450 GM
Hp 1000 Blue GM/ Hp450 PM
Hp 1000 Inbuit AMD/Hp 450 GM
Hp 1000 Amd Socket
Hp Pavilion 15E Green
Hp 15E Green GM Hm76 Long I3 GM
Hp 14 Bi5-3337u pm
Hp 15p y11 i3 Pm
Hp 15j Y11 i7 Pm
Hp 15 y31 I7 Pm
Hp 15e Green Onboard Cpu i3
Hp 15e Green Pm(R62) HM76(713258-501)
Hp 15e Onboard Cpu I3 Gm (R62)
Hp 15e I3 Gm(R62)(713257-001)
HP 15F Onboard Celron (779457-501)
Hp DM1-1000 Green 659509-001
Hp DM1-1000 Green Onoard I3
HP M4-1000 Pm(718445-501)
Hp Dm4 -1000 HM 55 GM
Hp DM4-2000 HM65
Hp DM4-2000 onboard CPU


Mr. Sajeer Asif KA, MBA Graduate
"I got an excellent service from Blue Chip. Sony service center recommended me to change the mother board. I took my laptop to Blue Chip, they identified the problem and got the motherboard serviced for one third the price. You guys saved my money, thank you very much."

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